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Sashimi is a Rails plugins manager.

It allows to install your favourite plugins in a local repository and add them to your Rails apps.

The main goal is to allow the plugins offline installation.


$ (sudo) gem install jodosha-sashimi --source=http://gems.github.com


Install a plugin from a subversion URL:

$ sashimi install http://dev.rubyonrails.com/svn/rails/plugins/continuous_builder

Install a plugin from a git URL:

$ sashimi install git://github.com/jodosha/click-to-globalize.git

Uninstall a plugin:

$ sashimi uninstall continuous_builder

Update a plugin:

$ sashimi update click-to-globalize

List all installed plugins:

$ sashimi list

Add installed plugin(s) to a Rails app:

$ sashimi add click-to-globalize

Known And Common Issues

  • When add a plugin to an app, make sure your current directory is the rails root.
  • Only Subversion and Git repositories are currently supported.


  • Check out the code and test it:
$ git clone git://github.com/jodosha/sashimi.git
$ rake
  • Create a ticket to: http://sushistar.lighthouseapp.com
  • Create a patch and add as attachement to the ticket.


Partially inspired to RaPT[http://rapt.rubyforge.org/].

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