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rdapper - a simple console-based RDAP client.


    rdapper OBJECT


rdapper is a simple RDAP client. It uses Net::RDAP to retrieve data about internet resources (domain names, IP addresses, and autonymous systems) and outputs the information in a human-readable format. If you want to consume this data in your own program you should use Net::RDAP directly.

rdapper was originally conceived as a full RDAP client (back when the RDAP protocol was still in draft form) but is now just a very thin front-end to Net::RDAP, and its main purpose is to allow testing of that library.


You can pass any internet resource as an argument; this may be:

  • a "forward" domain name such as;
  • a "reverse" domain name such as;
  • a IPv4 or IPv6 address or CIDR prefix, such as or 2001:DB8::/32;
  • an Autonymous System Number such as AS65536.
  • the URL of an RDAP resource such as


  • --type=TYPE - explicitly set the object type. rdapper will guess the type by pattern matching the value of OBJECT but you can override this by explicitly setting the --type argument to one of : ip, autnum, domain or url.

    If --type=url is used, rdapper will directly fetch the specified URL and attempt to process it as an RDAP response.

  • --help - display help message.

  • --debug - enable Net::RDAP debug mode.

  • --short - omit remarks, notices, and links. Implies --nopager.

  • --expand - attempt to "expand" truncated entity objects.

  • --bypass-cache - disable local cache of RDAP objects.

  • --auth=USER:PASS - HTTP Basic Authentication credentials to be used when accessing the specified resource.

  • --nopager - by default, rdapper will pass its output to less(1). Setting --nopager disables this behaviour.


rdapper uses the following modules, some of which may already be installed:


Copyright 2018 CentralNic Ltd. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2018 CentralNic Ltd. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.