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<title>Branding Iron Steakhouse - Menu</title>
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623 South Gun Barrel Lane</br>
Gun Barrel City, Texas 75156</br>
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<h3>Pick 3 Sampler</h3>
Try any three ½ order portions of Branding Iron Appetizers.* $12
<h3>Stuffed Mushrooms</h3>
Fried baby portabellas stuffed with steak or chicken & a blend of cheese. $6
<h3>Fried Cheese</h3>
Mozzarella or Pepper Jack cheese, hand battered & fried to golden perfection. $6
<h3>Outlaw Fries</h3>
Hand cut fries covered in cheese, bacon, & green onions. $5 Add jalapeños for $0.50
Your choice of steak or chicken piled on top house-made tortilla chips with sautéed tomatoes, red onion & shredded cheese. $6
<h3>Branding Iron Chips</h3>
House made potato chips & Ranch. $3
<h3>Onion Rings</h3>
Hand battered fresh yellow onions. $5
<h3>Fried Pickles or Jalapeños</h3>
Hand-battered pickle or jalapeño slices. $5
<h3>Potato Skins </h3>
Loaded w/ crisp bacon, shredded cheese & green onion. $5
<h3>Stuffed Jalapeños</h3>
Fresh jalapeños stuffed with a blend of cream cheese, cheddar jack, & bacon. $6
<h3>Stuffed Pablano</h3>
A fresh pablano pepper stuffed with a blend of cheeses & steak or chicken. $6
*Excludes nachos
<h2>Branding Iron Steaks</h2>
All steaks are hand carved & grilled to perfection over an open flame.
Served with a salad, a side & Texas toast. Additional sides, $1.50 each.
<li>8 oz. Filet $26</li>
<li>20 oz. T-Bone Market</li>
<li>22 oz. Bone-In Ribeye $25</li>
<li>14 oz. Ribeye $17</li>
<li>12 oz. Sirloin. $15</li>
<li>8 oz. Sirloin $12</li>
<div class="row">
<div class="six columns">
<li>Baked Potato</li>
<li>Southern Style Green Beans</li>
<li>Sweet Potato Fries</li>
<li>Mashed Potatoes</li>
<li>Balsamic Grilled Vegetables</li>
<li>Hand Cut Fries</li>
<li>Whiskey Mashers</li>
<li>Fresh Vegetable Medley</li>
<li>Onion Rings</li>
<li>Corn off the Cobb</li>
<li>Steamed Broccoli</li>
<li>Ranch Style Beans</li>
<div class="six columns">
<h2>Steak Toppers</h2>
<li>(6) Shrimp $7 (3) Shrimp $5 Marsala Wine Sauce $3</li>
<li>Parmesan $2 Béarnaise Sauce $2 Whiskey Reduction $2</li>
<li>Pepper Corn $2 </li>
<li>Sautéed Portabella & Onions $2 </li>
<li>Cheddar & Bacon $2</li>
<li>Bleu Cheese Crumbles $3 </li>
<li>Herbs & Butter $1</li>
<h2>Salad Dressings</h2>
<li></li>House Ranch
<li></li>Honey Mustard
<li></li>Bleu Cheese
<h3>Chicken Fried Steak</h3>
Hand battered & fried to golden perfection. Served with two sides & Texas toast. $10
<h3>Yeddi Lemon Chicken</h3>
Pan seared chicken breast seasoned w/ dill & lemon zest. Served with a fresh vegetable medley & mashed potatoes. $10
<h3>Buffalo Chicken Salad</h3>
Fresh greens topped w/ deep fried chicken breast tossed in Buffalo sauce, bleu cheese crumbles, tomatoes & bacon. Your choice of dressing. $9
<h3>hicken Marsala</h3>C
Pan seared chicken breast, sautéed portabellas & onion smothered in Marsala cream sauce. Served with a vegetable medley & mashed potatoes. $13
<h3>Shrimp Kabob</h3>
Eight succulent grilled shrimp & vegetable skewers. Served with steamed broccoli. $10
<h3>Chicken Caesar Salad</h3>
Fresh Romaine lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing, with croutons & fresh grated parmesan. $10
<h2>Gourmet Burgers & Sandwiches</h2>
All burgers are fire grilled and served with lettuce, tomato, onion & pickle and a side of hand cut Fries.
<h3>Chili Burger</h3>
An 8 oz. patty smothered with Texas-style chili & a blend shredded cheeses. $8
<h3>Pepper Jack Jalapeno Burger</h3>
Hot & spicy 8 oz. jalapeno burger topped with pepper jack cheese & fresh jalapeños. $8
Your choice of two- steak, buffalo chicken, or beef sliders with hand-cut chips. $8
<h3>Party Melt </h3>
A juicy patty melt topped with sautéed portabellas & onions with your choice of Swiss or Cheddar on rye bread. $8
<h3>Mushroom Swiss Burger</h3>
A portabella & Swiss smothered burger. $9
<h3>Chicken Sandwich or Wrap</h3>
Tender chicken breast, lettuce, diced tomatoes & bacon wrapped in a soft flour tortilla or on Texas toast served with hand-cut chips. $7
All Branding Iron Steakhouse products are prepared fresh- made to order just for you!
The consumption of raw or undercooked meat, seafood or shellfish may cause food borne illness.
<h3>Apple Cobbler</h3>
HOT! Apple cobbler- A delicious American classic! $6 Desserts Texas Fudge Brownie
<h3>Chocolatey goodness</h3>
Need I say more? $5
<h3>Branding Iron Float</h3>
Your choice of Root Beer or Cream Soda over Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. $4
New York style cheesecake $6 A La Mode
House Chardonnay, White Zinfandel or Merlot $5.50 glass, $23 bottle
<h3>Southern Sangria</h3>
House merlot, triple sec, pineapple & cranberry juice spritzed with sprite. $5.75
<h3>White Peach Sangria</h3>
House white zinfandel, peach schnapps, pineapple juice & spritzed with sprite. $5.75
Domestic Bottles $2.75
Import Bottles $3.75
Domestic drafts $3
Cedar Creek Brewery
Seasonal Selection $4
Ask your server about the great selections from our local micro-brewery!
<h2>Specialty Beverages</h2>
<h3>Top Shelf LIT</h3>
Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire, Absolut, triple sec, sweet’n’sour sweetened w/ a splash of Coke. $7
<h3>Pleasure Punch</h3>
Southern Comfort, Amaretto, Captain Morgan’s spiced rum & exotic juices. $6
<h3>Rebel Rita</h3>
Smirnoff Marshmallow vodka, Jose Cuervo, triple sec & fresh lime juice. $6
<h3>Classic Cosmo</h3>
Smirnoff citrus vodka, Patron Citronage shaken with a splash of cranberry. $6
<h3>ynchburg Lemonade</h3>L
Jack Daniel’s sour mash, triple sec, sweet’n’sour topped off with sprite. $5
<div class="row">
<div class="four columns">
<li></li>Ballantine’s $7
<li></li>Chivas Regal $7
<li></li>Glenlivet $6
<li></li>Dewar’s $6
<li></li>Johnny Walker
<li></li>Black $6
<div class="four columns">
<li></li>Bombay Sapphire $7
<li></li>Tanqueray $6
<li></li>Bombay Dry $6
<div class="four columns">
<li></li>Patron Silver $7
<li></li>Jose Cuervo Gold $5
<li></li>Milagro $5
<div class="row">
<div class="four columns">
<li></li>Gentleman Jack $7
<li></li>J.L. Weller $6
<li></li>Maker’s Mark $6
<li></li>Crown Royal $5
<li></li>Jack Daniel’s $5
<li></li>Jameson $5
<li></li>Jim Beam $5
<li></li>Seagram’s 7 $5
<li></li>Wild Turkey $5
<li></li>Wild Turkey American Honey $5
<div class="four columns">
<li></li>Grey Goose $7
<li></li>Absolut $6
<li></li>Tito’s $5
<li></li>Smirnoff Citrus $5
<li></li>Sweet Tea $5
<li></li>Three Olives Loopy $5
<li></li>Canadian Club $3.75 Liqueur
<li></li>Grand Marnier $7
<li></li>Patron Citronage $6
<li></li>Tuaca $6
<li></li>Jagermeister $5
<li></li>Southern Comfort $5
<li></li>Disarrono $5
<li></li>Kahlua $5
<li></li>Rumpleminz $5
<li></li>Gold Schalagger $5
<li></li>Frangelica $3.75
<li></li>Tequila Rose $3.75
<div class="four columns">
<li></li>Malibu $5
<li></li>Bacardi Silver $5
<li></li>Capt. Morgan’s Spiced $5
<li></li>Cherry Jack $5
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<div class="eight columns copy-cat">
<p> 903.887.9999 ~
623 South Gun Barrel Lane ~
Gun Barrel City, Texas 75156 ~
<p>&copy; Copyright 2012 Branding Iron Steakhouse ~ Design By <a href="">Optimus</a></p>
<div class="four columns">
<ul class="link-list right">
<li><a href="menu.html">Menu</a></li>
<li><a href="events.html">Events</a></li>
<li><a href="contact.html">Contact</a></li>
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