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Server-side framework for client-side developers.
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Paradox.IO is a server-side framework for client-side developers.

Convention over configuration (it just works) - but still can be easily customized.

Phase I

  • Componentize blocks of html (views), css, and js into a js loadable file
  • Use less and/or css
  • Use coffeescript, javascript, or typescript
  • Easily add server-side API's
  • Models described in JSON and available in code on client and/or server

  • It is built in javascript and meant to be run on node.js.

  • It provides build, test, and packaging tools for building HTML5 client applications (for web and mobile).
  • It provides a simple, standardized, and synchronous API for writing server-side business logic.
  • It makes it easy to expose your biz rules over both HTTP and Websockets with no code changes.
  • It supports multiple deployment targets for popular PaaS providers (AppFog, DotCloud, Nodejitsu, and Parse).
  • It allows you to reuse the same validation code for data and api's on the client and the server.
  • Manage, discover and install PhoneGap extensions.
  • Prototype Cococs2D HTML / Mobile apps as well.


.api : define/access apis .model : define/access models .email : define/access emails .role : define/access roles .message : define/access pub/sub messaging services .log : logging service(s)


apis, clients, emails, messages, and roles: matching above apis client: contains application clients

  • client should contain a client.json file that describes the target and options for the client
  • if there is more than one client, then the client.json file should appear in each sub-directory that is a client and no client.json files should appear in client directly.

Client Folder

/js - all js combined, coffeescript compiled, and typescript compiled /css - all css combined, what about less? /views /test

Web Components

element element element custom elements

Paradox.IO Development Stack


  • mocha & javascript, makes sure everything works as expected when being access via javascript and keeps test dependencies simpler


  • Javascript & Typescript
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