Testing the speed of Socket.IO connections
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Socket.IO Speed Test

Testing the speed of Socket.IO connections

##Getting Started

  1. Clone this repository onto your computer using git clone git://github.com/joe-zim-javascript-blog/Socket.IO-Test.git
  2. Navigate into that repo and type npm start (Will auto-install dependencies before running)
  3. Navigate your browser to http://localhost.

On this page is two buttons and a textarea where the output is placed. The "Test Connection Speeds" button will loop through several transports provided by Socket.IO and will try to connect to and then immediately disconnect from the Socket.IO server using each of those transports. The results are recorded in the textarea, showing the times for each individual transport and the total for all transports combined.

The "Test Messaging Speeds" button will emit several messages to the server and receive several messages from the server in response. The total time for all of the messages to be sent and received are recorded in the textarea.

The connection speed test was used to figure out some speed issues with Chrome and Socket.IO. Read more about it and find out my results on my blog. The other test was added later for curiosity's sake and may have a post relating the results found from there too.