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A lightweight Discord client mod.
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A lightweight client mod designed to enhance your Discord experience without slowing down your PC.

Support server: Discord server (


Using EnhancedDiscord, or any other client mod, is against Discord's Terms of Service. Use it at your own risk. It's very unlikely any action will be taken against you, but we take no responsibility if anything happens.

By default, this loads my theme, with some settings applied. More info on its repo. To change this, edit plugins/style.css or change the theme location in settings.

You can download more quality plugins from the following repos:

If you enable "BD Plugins" in the EnhancedDiscord settings, you can also load BetterDiscord plugins. See the #faq in the support server for more details. Note: some BD plugins are notorious for being laggy. In general, the fewer plugins you have, the faster your client will be.

Installing the easy way:

Currently, only Windows and Ubuntu 18.04+ are supported for the new installer, due to lack of devices to compile on

Go to and hit the 'Download' button, or if you're lazy, click here.

If you're having errors (especially related to InteropServices), you may need to download .NET Framework 4.7.1.

If you're on Linux or MacOS consider using this install script that is specifically made for Unix.
LinuxED is unaffiliated with EnhancedDiscord so please do not request support for this script in an issue.

Installing the hard way:

If the installer doesn't work for you, and you choose not to use LinuxED, you can also install it manually in just a few minutes. To do so, see the advanced installation guide.

Explanation of files:

From now on, please refer to for explanations of included plugins.

Custom plugins

To create your own plugin, check out the plugin readme.


Feel free to make pull requests or make your own plugins repository. If you do make your own plugins, request the 'Plugin Developer' role in the support server so you can announce your releases!

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