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CWB analysis scripts and data
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CWB Data

This repository stores the data (raw and interim) and analysis scripts for the CWB cloud benchmarking experiments combining micro and application benchmarks. Every directory contains the data (incl. docs) and scripts (incl. docs) to produce or update this data.

Repository Structure

File Explanation
db_dumps PostgreSQL database dumps from CWB
├── cloud_workbench_production.sql Exported from CWB via
├── Dump CWB DB docs
├── Dumps CWB DB to cloud_workbench_production.sql
data_interim Pre-processed intermediate data
├── cwb-data-interim.csv Pre-processed raw data via
├── Describes the interim (i.e., pre-processed) data set
├── Pre-process docs
├── pre-process.rmp RapidMiner Studio process
├── Pre-process runner script
data_raw Unaltered raw data as empirically observed
├── cwb-data-raw.csv Exported from CWB via or
├── Describes the raw data set
├── CWB exporter docs
├── export-cwb-data.rb CWB raw data exporter script
├── Exports CWB data to cwb-data-raw.csv
├── Exports local CWB data to cwb-data-raw.csv
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