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Set submodule to use http and not git protocol


Minor update that fixes the long-standing parsing issues with shFlags on
several platforms.


* The flag parsing issues of git-flow subcommands are solved for most

* `git flow {feature,hotfix,release} finish` now takes a `-k` flag, to keep the
  branch around after finishing.

* `git flow release finish` takes a `-n` flag, to skip tagging.

* For consistency, `git flow {release,hotfix}` now, too, have a `publish` and
  `track` subcommand, just like `feature`.

* Various minor fixes.


Release 0.3
* New subcommands for `git flow feature`:
  - **checkout**:
    For easily checking out features by their short name.  Even allows
    unique prefixes as arguments (see below).

  - **pull**:
    This subcommand allows you to painlessly work on a feature branch
    together with another peer.  This is especially valuable for doing
    peer reviews of other people's code.  For more detailed info, see the
    [commit log][1].

* Easier addressing of branch names by using name prefixes.
  For example, when using:

  	git flow feature finish fo

  this automatically finishes the feature branch `foobar` if that's the only
  feature branch name starting with `fo`.

* No force flag anymore for new feature branches
  `git flow feature start` lost its `-f` (force) flag.  You now don't
  have to be in a clean repo anymore to start a new feature branch. This
  avoids the manual `git stash`, `git flow feature start`, `git stash
  pop` cycle.

* You can use `git-flow` in stand-alone repo's now.
  This means it does not assume you have an `origin` repository.
  (Thanks [Mark][2].)

* No commands fetch from `origin` by default anymore.
  There were some issues related to disabling this flag on some platforms.

* Init guesses branch names you may want to use for `develop` and `master`.

* Added super-easy installation script. (Thanks [Rick][3].)

* Added BSD license.



Release 0.2.1 -- Hotfix release to provide better (i.e. more Unix-like)
installer options.


Release 0.2
This is the first serious (yet still early) release that can be used in
production environments.

But this is no excuse not to be careful anyway!


Release 0.1
This is a very early (even premature) release to enthuse the open source
community for gitflow.
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