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<h2>Binary Term Sequence File</h2>
<p>A BTSF file is a sequence of terms <b>T1, T2, ...</b>
encoded as follows:</p>
encode_term(Term) ->
Bin = term_to_binary(Term),
Len = size(Bin),
<p>An individual term <b>T</b> is represented by a length count <b>Len</b>
<i>(A 32 bit big endian integer)</i> followed by a <b>Len</b>
byte binary. The binary is made by calling <b>term_to_binary(T)</b>.</p>
Files of encoded binary terms can be read and written extremely
efficiently using the routines in <b>elib1_fast_read</b>
and <b>elib1_fast_write</b>.
<p>Library modules like <b>sort_file</b> make use of buffered I/O to
sort BTSF file very efficiently.</p>
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