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function link(file,text)
document.write("<li><a href='/mod?mod=elib1_content_edit&func=show_ehtml&file=/home/ejoearm/code/elib2-1/doc/" + file + ".html'>" + text + "</a></li>");
<a href="/mod?mod=elib1_content_edit&amp;func=list_dir">auto generate
the index</a>
link("about","About This Library");
link("glossary", "Glossary");
link("trawl", "Trawl files");
link("bin", "runnable programs");
link("full_text_index","A full text indexing engine");
link("web_query","A query interface to the indexing engine");
link("webserver", "A Web Server");
link("validate", "Notes on my XML validation chain");
link("content_editable", "Content editable a custom editor for this library");
link("erl_browser", "A browser for Erlang code");
link("squasher", "squash many files into one");
link("similar", "Find similar files in a trawl");
link("doc", "How this library is documented.");
link("xml.html", "XML parsing and manipulation");
link("fast_io","Fast I/O");
link("parsing", "Parser combinators");
link("lib_misc", "Lib misc");
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