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= An Erlang Library
This book describes an Erlang library called ''elib1''.
== Todo (formatting program)
+ Add a diagram language (inline svg)
+ ~~Make the Book version~~
+ ~~Make compact lists, so I can leave out the blank line in paragraphs like
+ ~~add processing of ''footnotes''~~
+ Make commands for /bin
+ check that all list entries do not end with a dot.
+ Check that all list entries start with a big letter.
+ punctuation check.
+ ~~add "typographic quotes."~~
+ Nice to make paragraphs "clickable-editable" in the browser.
+ Add some nive paragraph hover effect that colors paras as we move over them. Makes text easier to read.
== To do (programs)
+ mysql full text searching and metadata
+ go through all old library adding good stuff (example topological sort)
+ javascript slide show from wiki markup
+ move over to GIT
+ xref
<include chapter="design" />
<include chapter="ezxml" />
<include chapter="lorum" />