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-export([f1/1, f2/1, f3/1, f4/1]).
beginFunc f1/1 end.
f1(X) -> foo(X).
foo(X) -> {foo1, X}.
{foo1,a} = f1(a).
beginFunc f2/1 end.
f2(X) -> foo(X).
foo(X) -> {foo2, X}.
{foo2,a} = f2(a).
beginFunc f3/1 f4/1 end.
f3(X) -> foo(this:f1(X)),this:foo(X).
f4(X) -> foo(example9:f2(X)).
foo(X) -> {foo3, X}.
%%{foo3, {foo1,a}} = f3(a).
%%{foo3, {foo2,a}} = f4(a).
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