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What's this?

This is only an embryo. It's going to be a lightweight version
of ESDL for applications only demanding windowed mode OpenGL.

* Woggle has a different event model than SDL's.
* Woggle is SDL derived work although it does not use the SDL libraries.
* Woggle depends on ESDL, but the ESDL driver or SDL itself is not needed 
  in runtime. No real SDL interfaces are used. ESDL sources are needed
  at compile time to keep compatibility with the ESDDL opcodes.  
* The erlang modules from ESDL are reused for woggle, which means you
  can use woggle and ESDL in the same erlang installation without
* I'm starting with windows, convinced that if I only get that working, 
  X-windows and MacOSX Aqua will be a breeze. 

The name Woggle is an abbreviation of Wings3d OpenGL Engine, 
where the extra g is there to avoid questions about pronunciation.

A Woggle is also some sort of ring that boyscouts wear around their
scarves.  The connection between that and an Erlang-OpenGL-interface
still remains to be invented.

More info when I get more things working.