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If you are new to cloudscribe please see the Introduction, to learn how to create projects using our project template for Visual Studio or our project template for the .NET Core CLI.

The main goal of this repository is to provide some working samples with pre-populated data, because some concepts are easier to understand when you can see them working with real data. These samples generally use NoDb file system storage which makes it easy to have demos with pre-populated data because the data is just files on disk.

IdentityServer4 Integration Sample with Working Clients

This sample has been moved to its own code repository here:

Client Side Development Setup

This sample has cloudscribe Core with cloudscribe SimpleContent and with working SPA apps integrated into SimpleConent pages. It uses webpack with hot module reloading, typescript, and even a react SPA sample. It also shows how to use bootstrap-sass.

If you have questions feel free to ask in our gitter chat web page. Join the chat at