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Embellish Plugin for CakePHP 1.3+

Embellish plugin provides an easy way to parse various formatting languages into HTML

Supported formats

  • BBCode
  • Markdown
  • Textile


  • Download the plugin

      $ cd /path/to/your/app/plugins && git clone git://
  • Add the TongueHelper to your AppController

      public $helpers = array(
          // Replace 'Syntax' with your preferred format
          'Embellish.Tongue' => 'Syntax'


To parse a string into its HTML version, simply call the TongueHelper's toHtml method.

    echo $this->Tongue->toHtml('This is [b]BBCode[/b]!');

You can also change syntaxes "on the fly" by using the setSyntax method

    echo $this->Tongue->toHtml('This is *Markdown*!');


The actual parsing of the formatting was achieved by using open source implementations. Many thanks are owed to the following developers...