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Daily Activity Log

If you are here, you probably already know about the Daily Activity Log Concept and you want to start your daily activity log. You can fork this repository as your github pages repository and start to share your daily activities with the Internet. If you already have a github pages repository, you can use this repo as subfolder of your personal pages (i.e.

Steps to get started

  • Fork this repository
  • Rename the repository to [your_github_username]
  • Clone the repository to your computer
  • Add new events to events.xml
  • Commit & Push
  • Visit your daily activity log at http://[your_github_username]

Already have a personal github page?

In case you're already using github pages for your personal site, you can follow these easy steps to get started:

  • Fork this repository
  • Set the default branch to gh-pages (create it if needed).
  • Visit your daily activity log at http://[your_github_username]

Further steps

  • Style your log by editing events.xsl and events.css

Some real usages

How to contribute

  • Fork this repository
  • Create a branch
  • Write your local changes
  • Squash all your commits
  • Push & make a Pull-request

External resources

Reading a Daily Activity Log with a RSS Feed reader

If you are interested to follow a daily activity log through your RSS Feed Reader, you can use the Daily Activity Log to RSS API that is currently hosted on Heroku and can be used by appending a valid Daily Activity Log URL to

For example will generates the RSS version of my daily activity log.