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This study path is released under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license

Getting Started

Session 1: SOLID and Clean Code

Session 2: Test-Driven Development

Session 3: Working with Legacy Code

Session 4: Refactoring

Session 5: TDD and "Friends"

Session 6: Hands On Erlang

You are free to replace Erlang with whatever programming language you want to dive in

Session 7: Deploy your application

  • Read The Twelve-Factor App before you start
  • Write an example application
  • Publish the code on a GitHub repository
  • Organize your work in User Stories (e.g. Trello)
  • Setup a development environment (e.g. Vagrant/Ansible)
  • Setup a CI environment (e.g. Travis)
  • Deploy your application (e.g. Heroku)
  • Test the deployed application
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Describe your Continuous Delivery process (Can it be improved ? How ?)

Session 8: Domain-Driven Design

Session 9: Microservice Architecture

Session 10: Further topics

Recommended Readings

In this section I will provide a list of recommended books readings that have not been mentioned directly in this study path, but of significant importance.

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