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P3 - Using OpenGeo Suite for Analysis/Deployment

This section expands on the desktop techniques you explored in P2 with QGIS and builds into the world of web-based applications, databases, and virtualization. OpenGeo Suite is a collection of open source projects put together into an easy-to-use environment by Boundless. We will explore how to load and manage data through GeoServer as well as how to create and control web maps with OpenLayers. We will be using virtual machines (VMs) to implement and run our servers (VirtualBox). This very brief course will expose the student to a variety of skills that are critical to GIS today.

A pre-built VirtualBox VM will be available for your use. However, if you wish to build your own, I used Ubuntu Server, OpenGeo Suite, and VirtualBox. We will use some of the same data from P2 in this section.