Flexible Field-Proof Arduino Model Rocket Altimeter (FFPAMRA)
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Flexible Field-Proof Arduino Model Rocket Altimeter (FFPAMRA)

The philosophy behind the FFPAMRA is to create an altimeter that is both flexible to the users' needs and still "field-proof". The hobby of model rocketry is made up of very smart people, so they don't need things that are "idiot-proof". But at the same time when working out at the field the more simple the steps to get an altimeter prepared, the less of a chance of making a simple mistake that can cause a rocket failure. This is why the FFPAMRA is designed so that when in front of a computer the FFPAMRA can be fully programmed and modified, but at the field it's easy as turning it on and flying. No more worrying about setting dip switches or counting beeps.

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