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Update OmniFocus Next Review Dates

This script moves the review dates of your projects forward to your next scheduled review. The flag next to the Review perspective drives me crazy when I'm not going to do my review for a few days. You can learn more about why this script exists here.

Which File?

You'll find two versions of the script - .scpt and .applescript. In order to run it from OmniFocus, you'll want to use the .scpt version. The .applescript format is purely there so you can view the code online.


It's pretty simple to set this up as a one-click update.

1. Download and alter the script

Download the script and change the dates to match your scheduled reviews.

-- weeklyReviewDay is the day of the week of your Weekly Review.
set weeklyReviewDay to Friday
-- monthlyReviewDay is the day of the month of your Monthly Review.
set monthlyReviewDay to 1
-- annualReviewMonth is the month of your Annual Review.
set annualReviewMonth to January
-- annualReviewDay is the day of the month for your Annual Review.
set annualReviewDay to 1

2. Place the script

Open OmniFocus and go to the Help menu. From there you can choose Open Scripts Folder. Move the updated file to this folder.

3. Place the shortcut

Now go to the View menu of OmniFocus and select Customize Toolbar. From there you can drag the script to your toolbar to make it super easy to run in the future.


I'm certainly open to the submission of Pull Requests to make this better. If you find issues and fix them, please let me know and I'll be happy to update and give you credit.


A huge thanks to Tim Stringer at Learn OmniFocus. He spent a lot of time testing and playing with this script to help make it more intuitive and accurate.