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The Collected theme


To use the Collected theme:

  1. Create a new Jekyll site on your local machine.

  2. Remove gem jekyll from your Gemfile and add gem "github-pages", group: :jekyll_plugins.

  3. Add the following to your site's _config.yml:

    remote_theme: joebuhlig/jekyll-theme-collected
  4. Push your local repository to GitHub.

  5. Under Settings -> Options for the repository, set the GitHub Pages source to Master.

  6. Visit your site!


Configuration variables

Collected will respect the following variables, if set in your site's _config.yml:

title: [The title of your site]
description: [A short description of your site's purpose]
owner_name: [Your Name]
owner_homepage: [Link to your homepage on the web]

Additionally, you may choose to set the following optional variables:

google_analytics: [Your Google Analytics tracking ID]
  - jekyll-feed
show_post_dates: [true or false to indicate whether to show dates on posts]
twitter_username: [your Twitter handle]
github_username:  [your GitHub username]
instagram_username: [your Instagram username]


If you'd like to add your own custom styles:

  1. Create a file called /assets/stylesheets/style.scss in your site
  2. Add the following content to the top of the file, exactly as shown:
    @import "jekyll-theme-collected";
  3. Add any custom CSS (or Sass, including imports) you'd like immediately after the @import line

Note: If you'd like to change the theme's Sass variables, you must set new values before the @import line in your stylesheet.


If you'd like to change the theme's HTML layout:

  1. Copy the original template from the theme's repository
    (Pro-tip: click "raw" to make copying easier)
  2. Create a file called /_layouts/default.html in your site
  3. Paste the default layout content copied in the first step
  4. Customize the layout as you'd like