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Scripts for the Torilmud mud
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This is a set of scripts for use with the TinTin++ mud client on TorilMud. Feel free to fork, copy or use any of this, or if you want to contribute, clone the project. Currently these scripts are nothing but a framework to load appropriate files for your character, race, class, and class.

Functionality will be slowly introduced over time.


  • Either fork, download, or clone the scripts
  • Edit the toril.tin file and your account name
#var my_account <your account>

To run, change directory to wherever you've installed the scripts and load the toril.tin file:

cd ~/mud/toril
tt++ toril.tin

The script will then connect to Torilmud, and enter the account name you supplied above.

After selecting a character to play the score command will be actioned and will attempt to load:

  • a file in the characters folder matching the name of the character
  • a file in the race folder matching the character's race
  • a file in the class folder matching the character's class

As an example if you have a Bob, the Human Warrior the following files will attempt to be loaded:


Those files will in turn attempt to load a bunch of scripts specific to that character, race, and class, but the complexity of those files will be hidden.

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