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Important Note

Compass has been deprecated. This plugin will continue to work as long as I can keep it working, but you should consider migrating away from Compass in general.


This is a simple compass wrapper for Laravel Elixir that was ported from: laravel-elixir-stylus

Add it to your Elixir-enhanced Gulpfile, like so:

var elixir = require('laravel-elixir');


elixir(function(mix) {

This will scan your resources/assets/scss directory for all files. Instead, if you only want to compile a single file, you may do:


Finally, if you'd like to output to a different directory than the default public/css, then you can override this as well.

mix.compass("bootstrap.scss", "foo/bar/baz");


Compass has a lot of different options and ways you can tweak your output:

mix.compass("*", "foo/bar/baz", {
    require: ['susy'],
    config_file: "path/to/config.rb",
    style: "nested"
    sass: "resources/assets/scss",
    font: "public/fonts",
    image: "public/images",
    javascript: "public/js",
    sourcemap: true,
    comments: true,
    relative: true,
    http_path: false,
    generated_images_path: false

Note: if gulp-compass has an option and it's not listed here, you can still include it in the options object and this plugin will pass it through to gulp-compass.

  • require - if you have any modules you'd like to include, like Susy or whatever, you can add them here.
  • config_file - if you like to keep your compass configurations out of gulp, you can set the path to the config file and you can use that. Important note: if you change the Sass and CSS directories in your config.rb file you need to update them in the Gulpfile too
  • style - 3 options here: "nested", "compressed" and "expanded". By default in production you css will be compressed and locally it will be nested.
  • sass - path to Sass files
  • font - path to fonts directory
  • image - path to image directory
  • javascript - path to your JavaScript
  • sourcemap - requires sass 3.3.0+ if true will generate a source map
  • comments - When true (default, non-production), this will show line comments in the generated CSS
  • relative - When true (default), generate relative paths from the css file to the asset
  • http_path - URL Prefix of all urls starting with
  • generated_images_path - Absolute path to images