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ColdFusion Amazon S3 REST Wrapper
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Amazon S3 REST Wrapper - Version 1.4
Joe Danziger (
Released: February 12, 2008

A simple test script is included which demonstrates the use of the CFC.
You must insert your Amazon S3 access keys in the first 2 lines in s3test.cfm,
then just pull it up in a browser.  You also need the <CF_HMAC> custom tag which
required all 5 files in the hmac directory.  Place these in your custom tagpath 
or in the same directory as the sample scripts.

 ** init(accessKeyID, secretAccessKey) - initialize CFC (both parameters required).
 ** getBuckets() - list all buckets.
 ** putBucket(bucketName, acl, storageLocation) - create a new bucket (acl is optional 
 	and	defaults to public-read, storageLocation is optional and defaults to non-EU.
 	Use 'EU' for the European location contraint).
 ** getBucket(bucketName, prefix, marker, maxKeys) - get contents of a bucket (prefix
     is optional and matches on the beginning of a key, marker is optional and results
     start from there, maxKeys is optional and restricts the number of objects returned)
 ** deleteBucket(bucketName) - delete a bucket (bucket must be empty).
 ** putObject(bucketName, fileKey, contentType, HTTPtimeout) - puts an object into a
     bucket (HTTPtimeout is in seconds).
 ** getObject(bucketName, fileKey, minutesValid) - get link to an object (minutesValid
     is optional and defaults to 60).
 ** deleteObject(bucketName, fileKey) - delete an object from a bucket.

 NOTE: You may also access your objects via:

You can email me at and I'll do my best.

Release History
 09/07/06 - v1.0 - Initial Release.
 09/27/06 - v1.1 - <cf_hmac> custom tag included in distribution.
 10/04/06 - v1.2 - other required <cf_hmac> scripts now included.
 11/28/07 - v1.3 - integrated ACL & EU storage, better CF6 compatibility
 02/12/08 - v1.4 - now using Java's included HMAC_SHA1 function.

Special thanks to dorioo on the Amazon S3 Forums for your help and guidance.
Thanks to Steve Hicks for the bucket ACL updates (
Thanks to Carlos Gallupa for the EU storage location updates (
Thanks to Dmitry Yakhnov for info on Java's HMAC SHA-1 function.
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