Fresh is a responsive Pelican theme. This theme uses HTML5 and its layout is responsive -- thanks to Smashing HTML5 and Twitter Bootstrap.
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Reasons for the fork

Fresh is a really nice theme. Since I'm playing with Pelican, I searched for a theme which fits my needs. I plan to use it for a blog in Englisch and for a blog in German. Therefore the labels shouldn't be in Englisch.

Changes done (for now):

  • replaced some label of the article info with icons from FontAwesome.
  • replaced the icon for categories with fa-folder. Categories aren't tags.
  • made the all the CSS and font file local.
  • QUOTEs now are styled in italic with a blueish bar on the left.
  • the color of the font of the CODE markup is now blueish instead of red.
  • the font of the footer is smaller and brighter to looks less noticeable.
  • the entries for the section "Social" now uses the FontAwesome symbols. The first entry of the SOCIAL list must now be the name of a charachter of the FontAwesome set without the prefix fa-!
  • additional to the regular list of SOCIAL tuples, support for a list of triples is added. Use SOCIAL3 to define a list of icon name, label and link. You can use either SOCIAL oder SOCIAL3 or both.
  • the date string inserted into the article infos is now no longer hard coded. It supports localized date strings which uses DATE_FORMATS and LOCALE.
  • All the tables in the content container now have there own style. The font list for the body has changed to try DejaVu Sans first, and Droid Sans as second choice.

And here starts the original README:

Fresh: a responsive Pelican theme that uses HTML5

Fresh is a responsive Pelican theme. This theme uses HTML5 and its layout is responsive -- thanks to Smashing HTML5 and Twitter Bootstrap.

You can watch a live demo for the Fresh theme here.


Make sure not to set the RELATIVE_URLS global varibles to True (the default value is False) so that Facebook meta tags and canonical links are generated correctly.


  • Google Analytics
  • DISQUS comment system
  • Custom link lists
  • Social widgets
  • "Fork me on GitHub" ribbon
  • Google Custom Search Engine -- use this as your search bar!
  • Hide categories from menu
  • Syntax highlighting for code blocks
  • ShareThis


The Fresh theme supports most built-in global variables of Pelican. There are also theme-specific global variables that allow you to add a search bar or to hide categories from menu.

Built-in Global Variables

The theme supports most Pelican built-in global variables, and some of them are listed below.

  • LINKS = (('name1', 'url1'), ('name2', 'url2'))
  • SOCIAL = (('name1', 'url1'), ('name2', 'url2'))

Refer to Pelican's documentation of settings for description of these global variables.

Theme-specific Global Variables

The theme also provides these global variables:

  • GOOGLE_CUSTOM_SEARCH = 'your search engine unique ID'

    The Fresh theme allows you to use Google Custom Search Engine as the search engine for your static website.

    Find the search engine unique ID of your customized search engine in Google Custom Search Engine's control panel. Assign this ID to the GOOGLE_CUSTOM_SEARCH variable in your configuration, and a Google custom search bar will appear in the navigation bar.


    If you want to hide categories from menu, you can do so by setting HIDE_CATEGORIES_FROM_MENU to True in your configuration.

  • SHARETHIS_PUB_KEY = 'your ShareThis Pub Key'

    The Fresh theme allows you to use ShareThis for social plugins.

    Find the Pub Key of your ShareThis Account in ShareThis's Account Dashboard. Assign this ID to the SHARETHIS_PUB_KEY variable in your configuration, and two rows of social plugin buttons will appear before and after your article respectively.


Copyright (c) 2013-2014, Jui-Shan Liang <>

All rights reserved.

Licensed under GPL v2.

Websites that use Fresh

It's glad to know that the Fresh Theme has been used around the world. Below is a list of sites in alphabetical order that uses Fresh discovered on the Internet. If you're using Fresh and would like your site to be listed here, feel free to edit this file and send me a pull request. :)