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Lithium Library for the Facebook API
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title: li3_facebook : a Lithium Facebook Library Wrapper
subtitle: Integration Facebook into your Lithium Framework
author: weluse GmbH : Marc Schwering


Lithium the most RAD PHP Framework Facebook Wrapper

This Wrapper is a Lithium PHP Library using the official Facebook PHP SDK.


This Library is using the official facebook api as a git submodule!

So : Please don't forget to do a git submodule init!

You will need a Facebook API-Key and the Lithium Framework. Integrate the Library in the bootstrap process of your lovely li3 App:

Libraries::add('li3_facebook', array( 'appId' => key 'secret' => yourSuperSecretKey ));

these official Facebook SDK Settings are currently not yet supported.

  • cookie
  • domain
  • fileUpload

if you want to enable those Settings, you have to unset the validation:

li3_facebook\extension\FacebookProxy::$_validateConfiguration = false;

After Configuration you should able to use it via static calls or direkt method invoking:

static: li3_facebook\extension\FacebookProxy::getAppId($params)

or li3_facebook\extension\FacebookProxy::run('getAppId',$params)

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