Necessary files to start working with Zend framework . Learned and got from many sites like amazium , zendcasts , akrabat etc
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This is a fork of Hari K T's project (

I'm adding directory structure per:

Original README:
The base files that are needed to start a project .

Remove the semi column in the file application.ini of config folder to establish connection with db

The admin.phtml is the admin layout . Can change to your needs .

The default.phtml is the default layout . You can change this too .

Not adding authentication . Refer the zendblog how acl and auth works if you are unfamiliar.

{ I am not a master( no one is born as a master :) ), so love to hear if there is some other nice way to do this . }

Author : Hari K T .

Website and Blog :

Credits and Thanks to zend framework , zendcasts , amazium , Nick Belhomme , akrabat ...

Disclaimer : Use of this is upto you . Don't blame me if something went wrong.