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Feb 8, 2013


A python script to optimize .jpg, .png and animated .gif images for the web.

This follows the "Yahoo Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site" about optimize images.

After run it, you have a lossless optimization for the images. A small size saving for each image, but speeds up the load of web pages and reduces the bandwidth cost for a website.

Pre-Requisites & Dependencies

Obviously, first we need is python. If we are in Linux or Mac, usually is installed by default. If we are in Windows, download it from here.

The python version needed for run both scripts is 2.6 only uses python standard library modules, no needs any other module.

External programs

Uses the program pngcrush, the command jpegtran of the libjpeg library and the program gifsicle.

In linux they are usually available in the most popular distribution repositories, e.g.: In debian, Ubuntu as these packages in their repositories: pngcrush & libjpeg-progs & gifsicle

For install them:

sudo aptitude install pngcrush
sudo aptitude install libjpeg-progs
sudo aptitude install gifsicle

In Windows pngcrush can be downloaded at here, libjpeg can be downloaded (as gnuwin32) at here and gifsicle can be downloaded at here

This had been tested in linux and Windows. Sorry, I don't have a Mac.

Using them

You need to run this script into the folder where are stored that images you want to optimize.

Run the script is very simple,

in linux


in windows

(path where you have installed python)\python.exe

At the end, there's a new subdirectory called processed where are stored the new processed images.

That's all! Simple, fun and fast!


After the execution it shows a little report about the image weight savings by type.

It looks like that

         Original            Processed           Save

.jpgs:   ( 31)  2.12 MiB     ( 31)  1.82 MiB     301.28 KiB
.pngs:   ( 10)489.46 KiB     ( 10)368.93 KiB     120.53 KiB
.gifs:   (  4)952.71 KiB     (  4)796.06 KiB     156.66 KiB
Total:   ( 45)  3.53 MiB     ( 45)  2.96 MiB     578.47 KiB

How to get them

The code is hosted in a Git repository at GitHub, use this to get a clone:

git clone git://


Contributions and Feedback are most welcome. To contribute to the improvement and development of this scripts, you can send suggestions or bugs via the issues.


The script is distributed under the terms of the GPLv3 license

Apologies for any misspelling or syntax error, English isn't my mother tongue.


This Script optimizes .jpg and .png images for the web. This follows the "Yahoo Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site" about optimize images.




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