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Search an entire system (all drives mounted) for specific words. Doesn't just returns files called something containing the search criteria, but files that contain the search criteria in their paths.
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System-wide File Search Tool

This is a system-wide file searching tool. This will search every mounted drive for a certain string. The tool searches file paths rather than file names, for example, if you searched "Desktop", every file with the word "Desktop" in its path will be listed in the output files.

This tool also lists hidden files/directories so can be used to find hidden files.

You can use this program as it is, or you can use functions such as the scanDir(QDir dir) in your own Qt C++ projects. Feel free to do what you want with it :)

How to run

I have made a release file for Windows systems (Windows 7,8,8.1,10), however I haven't yet compiled for linux so you can download the code and compile yourself for Linux, I think it should work on Linux.

If you are wanting to run it on Windows, just go to the releases page and download the zip file called "". Once downloaded, extract it and run the executable. From there it should be pretty self explanatory.

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