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Eslam Hamouda EslaMx7

Software Engineer, I love making simple things with great impact. I spend most of my time writing code or reading about interesting things.

EslaMxSoft Egypt - Tanta

Anton Davydov dydus0x14

Russia, Saint Petersburg

Matthieu Collé raiseandfall

French @learningmachine

Learning Machine Dallas, TX

XingDL xingdl2007

Hisilicon Shenzhen,China

Jeremy Burman jburman

Amec Foster Wheeler Greenville, SC

Jackson Owens jbowens

Software Engineer (Systems) at @Chain, previously working on Developer APIs at @Square.

Chain San Francisco, CA

Julien Couvreur jcouv

Microsoft Seattle, WA

mingfeng.zhang tomzhang

Dataman-inc beijing china

Michael Bradley ن michaelsbradleyjr

entrepreneurial software and systems developer

@projexsys Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Ivan Erceg ierceg

Software shipper, team player, successful technical co-founder, $1M Salesforce Hackathon 2014 winner

Software Marbles SpA Chile

Siddhant Shrivastava sidcode

Hack, Make, Play, Design, Grok, Solve. Here to (Computer) Science the <you-know-what> out of everything.


Rory Bradford roryrjb

constantly tinkering

@Pinipa Remote

Robbie Jack robertjack

Web Developer + Digital Marketer. Co-Founder + CMO at Fitbot.

Fitbot Mountain View, California

Şafak Gür safakgur

@oBilet Istanbul / Türkiye

Pawel Klimczyk pawelklimczyk

Software engineer (.NET) focused on software quality

Gemotial Wroclaw, Poland

Brandon Joseph devworker55

Software Development Virgina, United States

George Gkirtsou ggirtsou

Software Engineer. I have a thing for automation & scalability. Learning Go. Interested in every part system: DBs, ITOPS, Cloud

@zanox London, UK

Xiaohan Lee hansnow



Aaron Hoffman aaronhoffman


Stonefinch Des Moines, Iowa