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Final Code of my CPE 233 project for Cal Poly. Winter Quarter 2016. Use of this code is subject to Cal Poly and other applicable Academic Honsesty agreements. Myself and my lab partners retain the copyright for this project.
VHDL Assembly
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Exported from: WI16-CPE233-jeckstei (Original Repo)

Cal Poly CPE 233-1 Project

Using the Basys3 this project creates a Connect4 game using VHDL and RATASM. The game does not feature win detection (in the works for v2.0). The board must be completely reset in order for another game to be played due to issues with memory initialization.

This project compiles in Vivado 2015.4


There are issues that should be addressed, however this project has been submitted and they were either non-issues or not brought up during the review process.


This projects contains modules provided by Jeff Gerfen and are copyrighted. This project is not open source and copyright is retained my myself and my lab partners.


If needed the RATWrapper.bit file can be placed on the top level of a FAT32 formatted flash drive. After plugging it into the board set the upper right jumper to the bottom for read off of USB. Press "PROG" and the program shall appear.

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