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Starting point for developing web and cross platform native apps. Built on top of CRA and CRNA.
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React Native Web Starter

Notice: You should probably just use Expo now unless you really want to fork this because it has built in support for React Native Web 🙂


This repo is intending to provide an easy starting point for developers looking to make fully cross platform applications across both web with React Native Web and mobile with Expo.

All branches represent a particular starting point.

It is bootstrapped with Create React App so you can run yarn web in order to start up the development web server with all the hot reloading goodness you've come to expect.

It has then been integrated with Create React Native App and running yarn ios or yarn android will start the Expo packager. You can also run the project from the Expo XDE program.

Note that it should be possible to eject from Expo to native using yarn eject-native, however it is not possible to automatically eject from CRA web build. There are quite a few ways to manually port out of CRA web build as described in the following resources:


Branch Description
master The most minimal possible boilerplate, will always be the case
redux Implements redux reducers, actions, store and connection including example
navigation-react-router Using react-router-dom, react-router-native and react-router-navigation in order to have a platform agnostic navigation solution including native look at feel on phones
typescript Uses the TypeScript compiler with command yarn watch to track file changes and compile on the fly for stronger typed RNW code

Get Started

Clone the branch with the starting point you want and just rename the project (don't forget the package.json, Run git remote rm origin && yarn to remove the ref to this repo and install node_modules then you're good to go. 🙂

A full list of the scripts defined in package.json is shown below.

Script Action
yarn web Start CRA Development Build
yarn build-web Create production build for web
yarn start-expo Start the Expo packager
yarn start-native Start the native packager (not supported)
yarn eject-native Eject from Expo
yarn android Start expo packager and install app to Android Emulator
yarn ios Start expo packager and install app to iOS Simulator
yarn test not supported

Future Plans for this Library

The aim for this library is to make several branches that have different starting points i.e. Navigation, Auth etc.

Master branch will always be the most minimal starting point.

I'm also toying with the idea of doing a starting point with React Native CLI instead of Expo however that will mean the UI for mobile will less predictiable than developing with Expo.

If you have any ideas for a boilerplate then please create an issue or even better a pull request! I'm hoping to get this repo to be a big hub for getting started with React Native Web with tutorials etc.


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