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unrecognized chars in clob #143

mirozv opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Sometimes i'll get unrecognized chars in clob... (output param type).


any idea ?


NLS_LANG is utf8, i have no problem with enconding. Clob is usually good, but sometimes i'll get random chars.. Problem is with large data...


Encountered the same problem when working with large data sets stored in CLOB. It also happens randomly.

Waiting to switch over to the vendor driver when CLOB is supported.


@hexkode hexkode referenced this issue in oracle/node-oracledb

How about LOB type support? #19


We've been having the same issue with characters appearing at random and are also waiting for the official driver to have CLOB support. In the meantime the following build instructions seem to have solved the issue for us at least. I say "seem" because the issue is really sporadic for us.

#1 Download instantclient and instantclient SDK (tested with x86 Linux)


#2 Create symbolic links
cd $instantClientDir

ln -s
ln -s

#3 Setup ENV

export OCI_INCLUDE_DIR="$instantClientDir/sdk/include/"
export OCI_LIB_DIR="$instantClientDir"
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$instantClientDir/:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"

#4 Pull latest code
cd node_modules
git clone
mv node-oracle oracle
cd oracle
npm install

Make sure that when you run your Node application it sees the same Oracle Libraries you linked against above. For example we had an old set of 11.1 and 12 libraries on our LD_LIBRARY_PATH. When these were present before the 11.2 we would see the random characters appear again.

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