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Not compatible with node v0.11.7 #115

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When using node v0.11.7, issues this error infomation:

 path.existsSync is now called `fs.existsSync`.
        self[key] = w[key].bind(w);
TypeError: Cannot call method 'bind' of undefined
    at /home/saya/.nvm/v0.11.7/lib/node_modules/redis-commander/node_modules/browserify/index.js:204:28
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at module.exports (/home/saya/.nvm/v0.11.7/lib/node_modules/redis-commander/node_modules/browserify/index.js:203:41)
    at module.exports (/home/saya/.nvm/v0.11.7/lib/node_modules/redis-commander/lib/app.js:48:11)
    at startWebApp (/home/saya/.nvm/v0.11.7/lib/node_modules/redis-commander/bin/redis-commander.js:158:3)
    at /home/saya/.nvm/v0.11.7/lib/node_modules/redis-commander/bin/redis-commander.js:116:10
    at /home/saya/.nvm/v0.11.7/lib/node_modules/redis-commander/lib/util.js:135:7
    at fs.js:255:14
    at Object.oncomplete (fs.js:96:15)

// It works: edit redis-commander/node_modules/browserify.js:
Object.keys(EventEmitter.prototype).forEach(function (key) {
if (undefined === w[key])
self[key] = w[key].bind(w);

@m-allanson m-allanson added a commit to m-allanson/redis-commander that referenced this issue
@m-allanson m-allanson Update dependencies to fix TypeError in node versions > 0.11.3.
Updating browserify to the latest version fixes the error noted in #115.  browserify-middleware is added to replace the middleware functionality removed from later versions of browserify.

@joeferner is there a new version released? Got the same problem today, but #135 is already merged.


Until there's a new version, you should be able to install directly from github with the following syntax in your package.json:

"dependencies": {
    "redis-commander": "git+"
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