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MavensMate is a Node.js application that powers open source Salesforce1/ IDEs in various text editors across various platforms
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MavensMate - Open Source IDEs for Salesforce1

MavensMate is a powerful Node.js application and command line interface for building Salesforce1 IDEs. Develop Salesforce1 applications in your favorite text editors, like Sublime Text and Atom. MavensMate is created and maintained by Joe Ferraro.

For more information, check out!

IMPORTANT: the core MavensMate API has undergone a major rewrite for stability and performance. This README is changing rapidly!

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MavensMate API

You can build Salesforce1 IDEs by integrating with the APIs exposed in this project. For Node.js projects, you can simply require('mavensmate'). For other types of projects, you may use the command line interface (see below, full documentation forthcoming).

Node.js Projects

To use MavensMate to build a Salesforce1 IDE for your Node.js project:


npm install mavensmate -g


Node Application
var mavensmate = require('mavensmate');
var client = mavensmate.createClient({
    editor: '<editor_name>', // supported editor names: atom, sublime
    headless: true,
    verbose: true
client.setProject('path/to/some/project', function(err, response) {
    client.executeCommand('compile-project', function(err, response) {
        // full list of commands can be found in lib/mavensmate/commands
Command Line

mavensmate <command>


mavensmate new-project <<< '{ "name" : "myproject", "workspace" : "/path/to/workspace", "username" : "", "password" : "foo", package: { "ApexClass" : "*" } }'

cd path/to/workspace/myproject

mavensmate edit-project <<< '{ "package" : { "ApexClass": [ "MyTestClass", "MyTestClass2" ], "ApexPage": "*" } }'

mavensmate update-creds myPassword123!

mavensmate clean-project

mavensmate compile-project

mavensmate compile-metadata path/to/MyTestClass.cls

mavensmate delete-metadata path/to/

mavensmate start-logging

mavensmate run-tests path/to/MyTestClass.cls

mavensmate run-tests <<< '{ "paths" : [ "/path/to/MyTestClass.cls", "/path/to/MyTestClass2.cls" ] }'

mavensmate get-coverage path/to/MyTestClass.cls

mavensmate get-coverage --global

mavensmate stop-logging

mavensmate new-resource-bundle path/to/my/static/resource

mavensmate deploy-resource-bundle path/to/my/resource/bundle

mavensmate new-connection coolPassword!

mavensmate deploy --ui

For a full list of commands, see the lib/mavensmate/commands directory. We will continue to build out this documentation with a full list of commands, including payload parameters.

Run Functional/Unit Tests

You must set the following environment variables before running tests:



For verbose logging while running tests, set MAVENSMATE_DEBUG_TESTS to true

To run all unit and functional tests:

npm test

To run a specific test you may use the mocha command line interface. Examples:

mocha --recursive --grep clean-project

mocha --recursive --grep 'index-metadata|project-unit'

To generate a coverage report, which will be located at test/coverage.html:

make coverage

Active Plugins

MavensMate for Sublime Text

MavensMate for Sublime Text is a Sublime Text plugin that uses the mm command line tool to provide a rich IDE experience in the editor. The bulk of the MM for ST codebase is used focused on integration with the Sublime Text APIs. The interaction with the APIs are still handled by mm.

IMPORTANT: MavensMate for Sublime Text will eventually be ported to use the APIs in this project.

MavensMate for Atom (beta)

MavensMate for Atom is still in active development. If you're interested in beta-testing the plugin, you are encouraged to install it.

Bugs and feature requests

Have a bug or a feature request? If it's specific to the MavensMate core, please open a new issue. Before opening any issue, please search for existing issues.

If you have an issue with the Sublime Text or Atom plugin specifically, please open an issue at the proper project.

Always include your MavensMate version number, platform, and specific steps to reproduce.



MavensMate's documentation is built with and publicly available on

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