MavensMate plugin for building applications inside GitHub's Atom text editor
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MavensMate for Atom (beta)

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MavensMate for Atom is a plugin for the Atom text editor that enables Salesforce developers to build App Cloud/ applications inside Atom.



All issues are managed by the central MavensMate project

Platform Support

Tested on OSX 10.10.x, Windows 7/8, Ubuntu 12



MavensMate Desktop

MavensMate for Atom requires MavensMate Desktop to be installed and running.

Plugin Installation

From Atom

Open Atom > Preferences... > + Install > Search for "MavensMate" > Install

From Command Line

apm install MavensMate-Atom

Note for Windows/Linux users: We've performed the bulk of our testing on OSX. If you encounter issues, you are encouraged to submit a bug report.

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Global Settings (settings managed by MavensMate-app)

MavensMate > Settings > Global Settings

Plugin Settings

MavensMate > Settings > Plugin Settings

Create a Project

To create your first MavensMate for Atom project:

  1. Be sure to configure your mm_workspace: MavensMate menu > Settings > Global Settings
  2. MavensMate > New Project

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Run MavensMate Commands

To run MavensMate commands, use the Atom command palette (on OSX: command + shift + p) or use the MavensMate menu in Atom.

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