@joeferraro joeferraro released this Oct 20, 2015 · 181 commits to master since this release

Assets 6
  • Resolves issue where unescaped content in the edit project UI was breaking the page
  • Fixes regression where refreshing a single metadata type overwrote the project package.xml
  • Changes the way projects are cleaned/refreshed/edited to avoid EPERM issues, especially in windows, when attempting to delete non-empty directories. This also resolves the issue where .svn and .git directories were being wiped out during cleans and edits.
  • Resolves issue where unselected metadata in package.xml would display as selected in project tree
  • Catches bad settings store and reverts to default settings in those cases
  • Updated error message when editor path is not found
  • Resolves issue where custom metadata templates were displayed during selection, but not merged during creation
  • Removes functionality that autoruns Apex unit tests when opening the test runner UI from the editor for UX reasons. Will re-visit.
  • Adds "check for updates" menu item which directs user to /releases
  • Resolves issue where if user had pulled project from git, the local store, at times, was not up-to-date with the contents of the src directory, which had multiple side effects inc`luding delayed compile times. Missing local store entry is now caught properly and prompts user to ensure their project's subscription is up-to-date and to clean the project to retrieve the latest server metadata
  • Resolves issue where user running the sync with server command without a valid local store caused an unhandled exception
  • Resolves issue where MavensMate was not respecting local template configuration
  • Resolves issue where Sublime Text was not refreshing the folder tree after operations like clean-project, refresh-metadata, and edit-project, which left an empty src folder in Sublime Text, even though the project metadata existed on the disk
  • Resolves issue where Custom Object asterisk in package.xml was not retrieving both custom and standard objects
  • Removes search layouts from list of known metadata because they cannot be retrieved explicitly