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MavensMate settings
NOTE: MavensMate user settings will override MavensMate default settings
To override default MavensMate settings, modify user-specific settings (MavensMate --> Settings --> User)
** Most changes require a SublimeText restart **
//set to absolute location where you wish your MavensMate project to reside
//if the location does not exist, MavensMate will attempt to create it
//for example: "/Users/username/Documents/workspaces/mavensmate" (notice the absolute path)
//WINDOWS USERS: it's probably best to set this like so: C:\\path\\to\\your\\workspace
//****NEW****: you can now set mm_workspace to an array of locations on your file system
// "mm_workspace" : [
// "/my/workspace",
// "/my/other/workspace",
// "/my/super/secret/workspace"
// ]
"mm_workspace" : "",
//set if you're behind a proxy (you can also set via export HTTP_PROXY, export HTTPS_PROXY)
//----IMPORTANT: you MUST escape the 2 slashes after http: and https: as shown below (dont ask, it's a dumb JSON-with-comments parsing issue)
// "mm_http_proxy" : "http:\/\/",
// "mm_https_proxy" : "http:\/\/"
// HTTP Basic Auth
// "mm_http_proxy" : "http:\/\/user:pass@",
// "mm_https_proxy" : "http:\/\/user:pass@"
"mm_http_proxy" : "",
"mm_https_proxy" : "",
//set to desired API version (tooling api functionality requires 27.0+)
"mm_api_version" : "31.0",
//generate from used to capture high-level usage statistics for community functionality like collaboration, gamification
"mm_community_api_token" : "",
//if true, MavensMate will automatically hide the debug panel upon a successful operation
"mm_hide_panel_on_success" : true,
//the amount of time (in seconds) before MavensMate hides the debug panel upon a successful operation
"mm_hide_panel_time" : 0,
//if true, MavensMate will capture the save file operation and compile to the server automatically
"mm_compile_on_save" : true,
//if false, mavensmate will store/retrieve sensitive data like passwords in a less secure way
//set to false only if having issues specifically with keyring or gnome-keyring
"mm_use_keyring" : true,
//if true, MavensMate will check for server conflicts and present a server diff when it finds a conflict
"mm_compile_check_conflicts": true,
//if true, MavensMate will present local/server diff view when conflict is found for the purposes of merging changes (beta)
"mm_diff_server_conflicts": true,
//if true, MavensMate will scroll to the line of a reported exception when there is a compilation error
"mm_compile_scroll_to_error": true,
//if true, MavensMate will rollback compiles when an error is encountered
"mm_compile_rollback_on_error": true,
//if true, MavensMate will hook into the Sublime Text completions API to offer code assistance
"mm_autocomplete" : true,
//if true, MavensMate will check for updates to the mm executable when Sublime Text starts
"mm_check_for_updates" : true,
//if true, MavensMate will look for and download pre-releases (beta versions) of the MavensMate API, mm
"mm_beta_user" : false,
//if true, MavensMate will automatically install updates to the MavensMate API, mm
"mm_auto_install_mm_updates" : true,
"mm_log_level" : "INFO",
//location where mm debug log should be placed (must be existing path)
//windows users: please set like so: C:\\path\\to\\your\\logs
"mm_log_location" : "",
//if true, mavensmate will send usage statistics (NEVER sensitive information like usernames/passwords/etc) for development, reporting, & debugging purposes (see for source of the call)
"mm_send_usage_statistics" : true,
//the path of the mm command line tool
//"default" means the mm directory is a top-level directory in the package root (MavensMate/mm)
//if you want MavensMate for Sublime Text to point to a different mm install, please set its path here (some/other/directory/mm)
"mm_path" : "default",
//if true, mavensmate will open UIs in default browser
//linux/windows users: mavensmate UIs are static HTML files, so ensure your browser is set up to open .HTML files by default
"mm_use_browser_as_ui" : false,
//(advanced users only) set to true if you want to use python 2.7 to run (mm_python_location and mm_py_location must be set)
"mm_developer_mode" : false,
//set to location of your python 2.7 install (mm_developer_mode must be set to true)
"mm_python_location" : "/usr/bin/python",
//if you wish to run mm via python, you must set this to the location of your file
"mm_mm_py_location" : "/path/to/",
//linux users: the location of your "subl" executable
"mm_subl_location" : "/usr/bin/subl",
//windows users: set to the location of your sublime_text.exe
"mm_windows_subl_location" : "C:/Program Files/Sublime Text 3/sublime_text.exe",
//specify a path for custom wsdl files here. wsdls must be named: apex.xml, partner.xml, metadata.xml, tooling.xml
"mm_wsdl_path" : "",
//OSX only: the location of your Sublime Text install
"mm_plugin_client_location" : "/Applications",
//OSX only: the name of your plugin client app (Sublime, Sublime Text, etc.)
"mm_osx_plugin_client_app_name" : "Sublime Text",
//set to true to use the tooling api to compile apex metadata (if you're experiencing any compile issues, set this to false to use the metadata api)
"mm_compile_with_tooling_api" : true,
//set to true if you want a history of your executed apex scripts in project/apex-scripts
"mm_log_anonymous_apex" : true,
//set to true to play notification sounds
"mm_play_sounds" : true,
//local server port
"mm_server_port" : 7777,
//mavensmate will attempt to compile when savings files with the following extensions
"mm_apex_file_extensions": [
//template location, e.g. "github" or "bitbucket" or "local". "remote" is synonymous with "github"
"mm_template_location": "remote",
//template location
//if "mm_template_location" is set to "local", set to absolute location of the directory where you've forked the MavensMate-Templates project
"mm_template_source" : "/path/to/templates",
//if "mm_template_location" is set to "remote","github" or "bitbucket" set the repository owner, name and branch
"mm_template_repo_owner" : "joeferraro",
"mm_template_repo_name" : "MavensMate-Templates",
"mm_template_repo_branch" : "master",
//if you need to access a secured repository, set mm_template_auth to true, and set username and password as appropriate
//if using github, it is recommended that you generate an OAuth token here
//and set that as your username, leaving the password blank
//bitbucket does not appear to offer this capability at present
"mm_template_auth" : false,
"mm_template_username" : "",
"mm_template_password" : "",
//the default metadata available in a project (may be set on a per-project basis in the "advanced" tab of the new and edit project UIs)
"mm_default_subscription" : [
//ignore metadata from managed packages (highly recommended)
"mm_ignore_managed_metadata" : true,
//the number of the most recent apex debug logs to download during the "fetch logs" command
"mm_number_of_logs_limit" : 10,
//choices: "metadata" or "apex". "metadata" is recommended, however if your tests are taking forever to run, try switching to "apex"
//we're working on async testing api support in 0.36
"mm_test_api" : "metadata",
//if true, mavensmate will store all deployment packages in your project's "deploy" directory
"mm_archive_deployments" : true,
//if true, mavensmate will set the purgeOnDelete to true during metadata deletes (a hard delete)
"mm_purge_on_delete" : false,
"mm_verbose" : false,
//set to false if during completions, the size of your .org_metadata file is bogging down the editor during code completion
"mm_use_org_metadata_for_completions" : true,
//set to false if index symbol indexing during project creation/upgrade is causing timeouts
"mm_mass_index_apex_symbols" : false,
//set to false if you want to use the async apex testing endpoint (beta)
"mm_use_legacy_test_ui" : true,
//if true, a log will be generated for every test run during "run all tests" command
"mm_download_logs_during_run_all_tests" : false,
//timeout (in seconds) for calls to the servers
"mm_timeout" : 10,
//*BETA* if true, MavensMate will compare the state of the destination org(s) before deployment
"mm_compare_before_deployment" : true,
//Advanced users only: if true, MavensMate will not check if your project was created using an older version of MavensMate
"mm_skip_legacy_check" : false,
//global switch; set to play sounds on MM events, such as compile successes/failures,
//file refreshes, code coverage updates etc
"mm_play_sounds" : false,
//set paths and events that should have sounds for different types of notifications; if empty/absent,
//then default will be used. Windows users should use double backslash for path: \\
//only .wav files allowed
"mm_play_general_sounds" : true,
"mm_play_success_sounds" : true,
"mm_play_failure_sounds" : true,
"mm_general_sound_path" : "",
"mm_success_sound_path" : "",
"mm_failure_sound_path" : ""
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