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Version 7 of MavensMate for Sublime Text moves many of the settings previously managed in Sublime Text JSON files to the "Global Settings" found in the MavensMate Desktop. See MavensMate > Settings > Settings Help for more information.
MavensMate for Sublime Text settings
NOTE: MavensMate user settings will override MavensMate default settings
To override default MavensMate settings, modify user-specific settings (MavensMate --> Settings --> User)
//if true, MavensMate will automatically hide the debug panel upon a successful operation
"mm_hide_panel_on_success" : true,
//the amount of time (in seconds) before MavensMate hides the debug panel upon a successful operation
"mm_hide_panel_time" : 0,
//if true, MavensMate will capture the save file operation and compile to the server automatically
"mm_compile_on_save" : true,
//if true, MavensMate will scroll to the line of a reported exception when there is a compilation error
"mm_compile_scroll_to_error": true,
//if true, MavensMate will hook into the Sublime Text completions API to offer code assistance
"mm_autocomplete" : true,
//location where MavensMate for Sublime Text debug logs should be placed (must be existing path)
//log file will be named mmst.log
//windows users: please set like so: C:\\path\\to\\your\\logs
"mm_plugin_logs_location" : "",
// set to true to diff server conflicts in Sublime Text
"mm_diff_server_conflicts" : true,
//set to false if during completions, the size of your .org_metadata file is bogging down the editor during code completion
"mm_use_org_metadata_for_completions" : true,
//set to true if you would like to automatically start MavensMate Desktop when Sublime Text opens
"mm_start_mavensmate_app" : false,
//set to true if you would like to ping MavensMate Server at startup and show an error if it cannot be reached
"mm_ping_mavensmate_server_on_startup" : false,
// set to full path of MavensMate Desktop ( on OSX, MavensMate.exe on Windows, etc.)
"mm_mavensmate_app_location" : {
"osx": "/Applications/",
"windows": "C:\\Program Files\\MavensMate.exe",
"linux": ""
// set to full path of your Sublime Text executable (this setting is used by the "open project" command)
"mm_sublime_text_executable_location" : {
"osx": "/Applications/Sublime",
"windows": "C:\\Program Files\\Sublime Text 3\\sublime_text.exe",
"linux": "/usr/bin/subl"
//mavensmate will attempt to compile when savings files with the following extensions
"mm_apex_file_extensions": [
//local server port (do not change unless you know what you're doing)
"mm_app_server_port" : 56248,
//if true, mavensmate will send anonymous usage statistics (NEVER sensitive information like usernames/passwords/etc) for development, reporting, & debugging purposes (see for source of the call)
"mm_send_usage_statistics" : true