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MavensMate is a SublimeText plugin that aims to replicate the functionality of the Eclipse-based IDE.

  • Create & Edit projects with specific package metadata
  • SVN & Git support
  • Create & compile Apex Classes, Apex Trigger, Visualforce Pages, and Visualforce Components
  • Compile and retrieve other metadata
  • Run Apex test methods and visualize test successes/failures & coverage
  • Play Pacman while your Apex unit tests run
  • Deploy metadata to other orgs
  • Apex Execute Anonymous
  • Apex Code Assist (beta!!)

*Currently, MavensMate only officially supports OS X. It's on the roadmap to fully support Windows/Linux.


$ gem install mavensmate
$ ruby < <(curl -s

Go to "MavensMate --> Open --> Settings - User" and modify "mm_workspace" with the location where you'd like your MavensMate projects to reside, for example (notice the absolute path):

"mm_workspace": "/Users/your_username/Projects"

If you're using RVM, you probably want to update the "mm_ruby" setting:

"mm_ruby": "~/.rvm/bin/rvm-auto-ruby"

If you encounter any ugly error messages in the MavensMate UI that reference gem dependencies, try installing v0.0.7 of MavensMate:

$ gem install mavensmate -v 0.0.7

If you happen to encounter issues installing Nokogiri, here's a helpful URL:


Run "Update MavensMate" command

OR run the following terminal command:

$ ruby < <(curl -s



Project Wizard

Apex Test Runner

Apex Execute Anonymous

Quick Panel

Apex Code Assist


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