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MavensMate settings
NOTE: MavensMate user settings will override MavensMate default settings
To override default MavensMate settings, modify user-specific settings (MavensMate --> Open --> Settings - User)
** Most changes require a SublimeText restart **
//** if you wish to utilize rvm, set to "~/.rvm/bin/rvm-auto-ruby"
"mm_ruby" : "ruby",
//set to location where you wish your MavensMate project to reside (must be an existing directory)
//for example: "/Users/username/Documents/workspaces/mavensmate" (notice the absolute path)
"mm_workspace" : "",
//set to desired API version
"mm_api_version" : "26.0",
//if true, MavensMate will automatically hide the debug panel upon a successful operation
"mm_hide_panel_on_success" : true,
//the amount of time (in seconds) before MavensMate hides the debug panel upon a successful operation
"mm_hide_panel_time" : 0,
//if true, MavensMate will capture the save file operation and compile to the server automatically
"mm_compile_on_save" : true,
//if true, MavensMate will hook into the Sublime Text completions API to offer code assistance
"mm_autocomplete" : true,
//if true, MavensMate will check for updates when Sublime Text starts
"mm_check_for_updates" : true,
//possible values: FATAL(logs unhandleable errors), ERROR (logs handleable runtime errors), INFO (logs generic high-level information), DEBUG (logs method calls, detailed soap calls, and other low-level information)
"mm_log_level" : "FATAL",
//if true AND mm_log_level is set to "DEBUG", then mavensmate will log detailed soap calls
"mm_soap_log" : false,
//if true, mavensmate will send usage statistics (NEVER sensitive information like usernames/passwords/etc) for development, reporting, & debugging purposes (see for source of the call)
"mm_send_usage_statistics" : true
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