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MavensMate for VS Code

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MavensMate plugin for the Visual Studio Code editor that aims to replicate the functionality of the Eclipse-based Salesforce IDE. Its goal is to allow developers to work inside Sublime Text for all their Salesforce-related tasks.

  • Create & Edit projects with specific package metadata
  • Create & compile Apex Classes, Apex Trigger, Visualforce Pages, Visualforce Components
  • Create & Edit Lightning Components (v7 only)
  • Retrieve & compile other types of metadata
  • Run Apex test methods and visualize test successes/failures & coverage
  • Deploy metadata to other orgs
  • Apex Execute Anonymous
  • Stream Apex Logs to your local filesystem
  • Apex & Visualforce Code Assist


All issues are managed by the central MavensMate project



Plugin Installation

  1. Open VS Code
  2. Run Extensions: Install Extension command
  3. Search for MavensMate
  4. Hit Enter


###Important Settings (Configured in MavensMate Desktop)

####Workspaces (mm_workspace)

You may set mm_workspace to a single path on your local filesystem or an array of paths.


######Array of workspaces

"mm_workspace" : [

######Single workspace

"mm_workspace" : "/Users/darylshaber/Desktop/my-cool-folder",

Windows users: You must use escaped backslashes to set your workspaces:

"mm_workspace" : [

Plugin Development

  1. Open the extension project in VS Code
  2. Open a Terminal with ctrl+`
  3. Run npm install
  4. Develop! VS Code Extensibility Reference


The point of entry for the code is src/extension.ts where the extension is registered.


Is the main directory of code for this project.


Code specifically relevant to the MavensMate app. Should avoid referencing vscode.


Provides an interface to vscode, encapsulating some concepts relevant to mavensmate.


Encapsulates code relevant to the workspace where projects are contained and the file system.