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MavensMate - Open Source IDEs for Salesforce

MavensMate is a collection of open source projects that aims to make building Salesforce applications accessible to developers who prefer to build applications using their local machine in text editors like Sublime Text, Atom, and Visual Studio Code. MavensMate is created and maintained by Joe Ferraro with support from Mavens and these amazing contributors.

Because there are several open source MavensMate projects, it can be somewhat confusing to navigate the ecosystem. In essence, there are three main components to the architecture: the server, the desktop application, and the editor plugins.


Quickstart for Salesforce Developers

  1. Download and install MavensMate Desktop
  2. Choose your editor (Sublime Text 3, Atom, Visual Studio Code) and install the appropriate MavensMate plugin
  3. Happy coding!

Quickstart for MavensMate Contributors

  • Coming soon


MavensMate Server

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MavensMate Server is a local Node.js Express server that facilitates communication/integration between editors like Sublime Text, Atom, and Visual Studio Code, the local file system, and the Salesforce servers. When a plugin requests a command to be run (e.g. "compile a file"), a local HTTP request is made to MavensMate Server, the server executes the requested command (which often requires communicating with a remote environment) and returns the response to the plugin.

MavensMate Desktop

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MavensMate Desktop is an application that bundles the local MavensMate server into a desktop application that powers the MavensMate Sublime Text, Atom, and Visual Studio Code plugins.


MavensMate for Sublime Text

MavensMate for Atom (beta)

MavensMate for Visual Studio Code (coming soon)



  • coming soon