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@joefitzgerald joefitzgerald released this Sep 30, 2016 · 588 commits to master since this release

Major Changes

  • 🆕 The go-plus panel is back, reimagined and now displaying test output and documentation 🎉. Toggle the panel using the golang:toggle-panel command (ctrl + alt + shift + g  p; or you can toggle it by clicking on the go-plus status bar icon), save a file or use the golang:run-tests command to display test output, and see documentation with the golang:showdoc command (alt + d)
  • 🆕 Update all tools with the new golang:update-tools command (ctrl + alt + shift + g  u) - you should get in the habit of running this periodically, and you should also run it before filing an issue
  • Tests are now run on save by default (and the -short flag is used by default, also)

Minor Changes

  • You can now toggle the propose-builtins and unimported-packages gocode settings via autocomplete-go package settings (and both settings are set to true by default)
  • gocode is now closed automatically when you run golang:update-tools, which will greatly assist when updating your version of go (if you have ever seen PANIC as the only autocomplete suggestion, just run golang:update-tools to resolve it)
  • The tester-go.runCoverageOnSave config key was renamed to tester-go.runTestsOnSave, and the default set to true
  • The tester-go.runCoverageWithShortFlag config key was renamed to tester-go.runTestsWithShortFlag
  • 🆕 The tester-go.coverageHighlightMode setting was added, allowing you to control coverage highlighting:
    • covered-and-uncovered: highlight covered and uncovered regions of text
    • covered: highlight covered regions of text
    • uncovered (default): highlight uncovered regions of text
    • disabled: disable highlighting
  • The golang:gocover command was renamed to golang:run-tests and bound to ctrl + alt + shift + g  t
  • the golang:cleargocover command was renamed to golang:hide-coverage and bound to ctrl + alt + shift + g  x


  • Many thanks to @simurai for assistance with the panel and general ux
  • @zmb3 is now a full go-plus ninja
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