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1 parent f499a7d commit 90e94c76a53a3b6a065ac169f8647e6f1c43f161 @joegallo committed Mar 19, 2011
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  1. +4 −2 src/robert/bruce.clj
6 src/robert/bruce.clj
@@ -55,14 +55,16 @@ number as a result"
(or (= :unlimited (keyword tries))
(pos? tries)))))
-(defn update-tries [options]
+(defn update-tries
"internal function that updates the number of tries that remain"
+ [options]
(update-in options [:tries] (if (= :unlimited (:tries options))
-(defn update-sleep [options]
+(defn update-sleep
"internal function that updates sleep with the decay function"
+ [options]
(update-in options [:sleep] (if (:sleep options)
(decay options)

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