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trampolining retries for clojure
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Robert Bruce

Robert Bruce provides an easy way to execute a function and allow failures to be automatically retried. It's named after Robert the Bruce, whose determination was inspired by the sight a spider trying many time (and failing) to build a web.

Add this to your project.clj :dependencies list:

[robert/bruce "0.5.0"]


(use '[robert.bruce :only [try-try-again]])

;; arguments are like trampoline, if you want to default options
(try-try-again some-fn)
(try-try-again some-fn arg1 arg2)
(try-try-again #(some-fn arg1 arg2))

;; but with the addition of a first options arg, if you don't
(try-try-again {:sleep 5000 :tries 100} #(some-fn arg1 arg2))
(try-try-again {:sleep nil :tries 100} #(some-fn arg1 arg2))
(try-try-again {:sleep 5000 :tries 100} #(some-fn arg1 arg2))

(try-try-again {;; all options are optional

                ;; :sleep is used to specify how long to sleep
                ;; between retries, it can be a number, or false
                ;; or nil if you don't want to sleep, 
                ;; default is 10 seconds (that is, 10000)
                :sleep 100

                ;; :tries is used to specific how many tries
                ;; will be attempted, it can also be :unlimited
                ;; default is 5
                :tries 100

                ;; if you want to your sleep amount to change over
                ;; time, you can provide a decay function:
                ;; a number - your sleep will be multiplied by it
                ;; a function - your sleep will passed into it
                ;; a keyword - for out of the box decay algorithms
                ;;             :exponential, :double, :golden-ratio
                ;; default is identity
                :decay :exponential

                ;; if you want to only rety when particular
                ;; exceptions are thrown, you can add a :catch
                ;; clause.  it works with either a single type
                ;; or a collection.  
                ;; default is Exception
                :catch [ java.sql.SQLException]}
               #(some-fn arg1 arg2))


Copyright (C) 2011 Joe Gallo

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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