Serve hypercore-archiver over discovery-swarm
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Serve Dat Archives stored in a hypercore-archiver.

Archives can be served over HTTP and the Dat Network (via discovery-swarm).


Serve on Dat Network

Serve archives in a hypercore-archiver with discovery-swarm.

var Archiver = require('hypercore-archiver')
var archiverServer = require('archiver-server')

var archives = Archiver('archives', {swarm: true})
var datServer = archiverServer(archives)

datServer.swarm.on('listening', function () {
  console.log('Listening for connections on the Dat Network')

// (Later) Any archives added will be available over discovery-swarm network

Serve Over HTTP

var http = require('http')
var Archiver = require('hypercore-archiver')
var archiverServer = require('archiver-server')

var archiver = Archiver('archives')
var datServer = archiverServer(archiver, {http: true})

// Bring your own HTTP server and handle requests
var server = http.createServer()
server.on('request', datServer.httpRequest)
server.listen(argv.httpPort, function () {
    console.log('Server is listening on port ' + port)

// (Later) Any archives added will be available over HTTP


Archiver-server provides a basic CLI utility. There is currently no interface to add/remove archives to the hypercore-archiver, so it may be difficult to add use the CLI except for testing on preexisting archiver directories.

Run npm start to run the CLI in debug mode.


  • --httpPort 8080: Port for HTTP server
  • --datPort 3282: Port for Dat Network
  • --archiveDir dats: Directory for hypercore-archiver storage
  • --swarm (boolean): Serve archives on the Dat Network
  • --http (boolean): Serve archives over HTTP


var server = archiverServer(archiver, [opts])

Create a server for a hypercore-archiver. Use http and swarm to specify which server types to use.

Options include:

opts = {
  http: true, // Return onrequest function to serve over HTTP
  swarm: true, // Serve over Dat Network
  utp: true, // Passed to Discovery-Swarm
  tcp: true, // Passed to Discovery-Swarm
  datPort: 3282 // Passed to Discovery-Swarm


discovery-swarm for your archives. Automatically connects.


Bring your own HTTP server. Use server.httpRequest for your http server's request function.

HTTP requires hypercore-archiver ^2.3.0.