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A dynamic static website running on Pelican (Python) with data visualizations via IFTTT/GoogleDocs.


This site runs on Pelican, a Python powered static site generator. It is served on GitHub Pages, via CloudFare (with easy & free SSL).

Homepage: The homepage content changes regularly. The data is stored in Google Docs (via IFTTT, this tutorial, and a custom Pelican plugin). Data is processed on my server (or computer). I have a cron job to generate the site daily.

Coffee Drinking Chart

Charts: Coffee chart is made using a <table>, CSS, and lots of Joe. Daily Steps chart is made with the Chartist.js library.

Design: The Fonts are Garamond and Open Sans, served from Google. I used Pure CSS as my css foundation.

Data Gathering

All of my data comes through Google Spreadsheets. The plugin (pelican_gdocs) handles all of the data (and cleans/organizes it).

  1. Set Up IFTTT. You can send your tweets to a google spreadsheet using this recipe. Check out other recipies. My coffee chart is done using the Do Button App, which adds a coffee button to my phone's homescreen.
  2. Gather your spreadsheets!
  3. Use plugin to clean and organize your data & jinja to format it.


Interesting in using this site to make something of your own? Great!

I'm trying to make this theme more fork-friendly. Please let me know what issues you run into!

Things you'll need (not in this order):

  • A Python
  • A Pelican
  • A Computer
  • More animals (Pythons and Pelicans need company)

Installing Stuff

  • Install Python dependencies with pip (pip install -r requirements.txt)
  • Install css libraries with bower (bower install)


  • Writing: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
  • Theme & Gdocs Plugin: MIT

Resources & Thanks