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Building off of endtwist's changes [1], I've added pull down to refresh.

An element with the class "pull-down-to-refresh" will be hidden above the "top" of the list and will fire pullingDown, pulledDown and pullDownCancel back to the list.

An elements with the class "pull-up-to-refresh" will be hidden below the "bottom" of the list and will fire pullingUp, pulledUp and pullUpCancel back to the list.

In regard to endtwist's scroll event, I've added a boolean called useOnScrollEvt which defaults to false so that the event is not fired if it's not needed.

[1] #17


Looks like you read my mind and got around to the two features I hadn't had a chance to build yet. Nice work!

Should also note: does this work on iOS 5?


"I learned it by watching you!"

As for iOS 5, I have no idea. If I get a chance to do any testing, I'll add some comments here and in my fork.

jimmybyrum added some commits Aug 25, 2011
@jimmybyrum jimmybyrum detecting for iOS device at the top of the file, adding scrollability…
… or no-scrollability to the html classList (Modernizr style), and returning false if not an iOS device
@jimmybyrum jimmybyrum bug fix 26862d5
@jimmybyrum jimmybyrum closed this Aug 31, 2015
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