Use requestAnimationFrame instead of setInterval, save cpu cycles for animation #9

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Tin commented Jun 1, 2011

Use requestAnimationFrame instead of setInterval, save cpu cycles for animation when this api is available. This helps slowly android browsers a bit.


another option, which combines both (requstAnimationFrame and setInteral) is described by Joe Lambert:


@rsaccon the code in question can also be found/forked here:

It offers the performance improvements of requestAnimationFrame (when available) but doesn't require a code refactor to explicitly support it.


A few feedbacks: adding this really slows down the scrollability at least on Android devices.

After a bit of investigations, I :
1) Used simple variables and passed the check as argument:
var requestAnimFrame = function( jsRequestAnimFrame ) {
if ( !jsRequestAnimFrame ) { return ... } else { return ... }
}( window.webkitRequestAnimationFrame || window.... );
and of course included it in the scrollability scope ( like Tin patch )

2) Plus inside requestAnimFrame and requestInterval, replace respectively window.setTimeout by setTimeout, and window.setInterval by setInterval.

It looks to works as it used to be, a little bit better on Android ( maybe because of 1000 / 16 instead of 0 as period ? )
Actually nobody mentions it's not supported on iOS, neither on Android at the moment. *

  • Looks promising on the press release from March... or some chrome / other webkit upcoming releases...
  • At the time of writing, tested with iOS 4.3.X and Android 2.1 - and since the time of scrollability was released, it hasn't changed so much: no support on mobile webkit-based browser for requestAnimationStuff

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Tin commented Sep 7, 2011

We are facing serious performance issue in android too, especially the honeycomb on tablet. We need a big breakthrough, but seems we are blocked by lacking of hardware acceleration for css3 transformation.


my solution is to not support android ;)

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