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Gazebo is a rights managed data warehouse.

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ga·ze·bo |gə'zēbō|
noun (pl. *-bos** or -boes)*
a roofed structure that offers an open view of the surrounding area

Gazebo is a rights-managed data-warehouse. It allows you to create, retrieve, update and delete items from a database with access rights on a user- and group-permission basis.


Gazebo is currently refactored. The documentation will be restored once a stable state is reached.

sudo gem install dbd-pg

Getting Gazebo

The following steps are untested.. in fact, they do not do anything. I just keep those lines as a notebook for now..

git clone Gazebo
git config --add remote.origin.url


Gazebo is licenced under the Simplified BSD-License. The full licence-text can be found in the LICENSE file.

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